Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided directly, or indirectly via Internet, e-mail or phone, by LinoDeLuxe. By accessing, browsing or using our website and/or making a reservation, you declare that you have read, understood and agreed to said conditions set out by LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartments.



Accommodation and facility we offer have been described in accordance with the official categorization set by the Republic of Croatia, applicable at the time of programme publication, and based on data by LinoDeLuxe. LinoDeLuxe assumes no responsibility for information, in written or oral form, which is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities published in programmes, and which has been received by a third party. LinoDeLuxe shall not be liable in case of incorrect information by business partners.



3.1. By making a reservation of accommodation, the guest enters into a direct, legally binding, contractual relationship with LinoDeLuxe.

3.2. Valid credit card data shall be given for confirmation of a reservation. LinoDeLuxe has the right to pre-authorise a credit card prior to guest’s arrival.

3.3. In case that provided credit card data are not valid, we reserve the right to cancel such a reservation.

3.4. Reservations may be made online or by telephone: 00385 (98) 525 909. We are also available on the e-mail address info@linodeluxe.com.



4.1. The current price of services is listed on our website www.linodeluxe.com, as well as in the offer received via online booking system or from a reservations department. In case of any changes or deviations from the booked service, the regular prices shall be charged.

4.2. Refund is not possible for services which have not been used.

4.3. All types of special services which are not included in the price shall be paid by the guest and the guest shall order them at the time of reservation or by making an inquiry on the location.

4.4. Prices in euros are used for informational purposes only.

4.5. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or modify a reservation in case there has been misuse of the reservation system or if the reservation has been an obvious mistake made by the user.

4.6. Prices include the cost of accommodation, VAT included, the cost of electricity, heating, bed linen, towels, shower gels, shampoos and final cleaning.

4.7. Free wireless Internet is available in apartment. LinoDeLuxe shall not be held responsible for potential technical problems caused by a service provider.

4.8. Meals are not in offered.

4.9. Accommodation for one child under the age of 3 in a provided bed is free of charge.

4.10. Accommodation for one child under the age of 2 in a crib is free of charge.

4.11. Cribs are available at a request, and their availability shall be confirmed by the LinoDeLuxe apartment manager.



Prior to making a reservation for a private parking space in Zagreb, it is necessary to check its availability with the LinoDeLuxe apartment manager. With prior notice, the cost of parking is 10 EUR/day per car. LinoDeLuxe provides parking spaces near the apartment or in the nearest possible location.



Residence tax is not included in the price of accommodation. Residence tax is 7.00 HRK per person/day. Children under the age of 12 are excluded from residence tax. Children from 12 to 18 years pay 50% of the residence tax, i.e. 3.5 HRK per person/day, pursuant to Article 4 of the Residence Tax Act.



Pets are not allowed in LiniDeLuxe Luxury Apartment.



8.1. On the day of arrival, an apartment is at your disposal from 3 p.m. If your apartment/room is ready before, apartment manager shall inform you accordingly in a timely manner.

8.2. Check-out time from LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment is until 11:00 a.m.

8.3. Late check-out may be arranged if the apartment is available. Availability shall be checked with the apartment manager. The cost of late check-out is 50% of apartment rate per night.



Guests are required to have valid identity documents. If in case of an invalid document a guest cancels a trip and thus LinoDeLuxe suffers additional damage, the guest shall compensate for the damage. If a guest loses a passport during a trip or the passport is stolen, the cost of issuance of new documents shall be borne by the guest.



10.1. Accommodation payment shall be made directly at the LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment upon arrival.

10.2. Payment may be made when making a reservation, to the bank account or directly at the LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment, unless agreed otherwise.



11.1. If you cancel 5 days prior to arrival, you won’t be charged for accomodation, unless otherwise stated in the cancellation policy when making your reservation.

11.2. For cancellation of a reservation within five (5) days of arrival, or in case of a no-show, guests shall be charged with the full amount (100%).

11.3. The percentage shall be calculated from the total amount of the reservation.



12.1. In order to ensure a pleasant stay in LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment for all guests as well as to prevent any potential disagreement, all guests shall read the House Rules. Upon reservation confirmation, it is implied that you have understood all segments of the House Rules and that you will fully adhere to them.

12.2. If the guest notices faulty of damaged items they shall notify LinoDeLuxe apartment manager representatives in order to fix the damage as soon as possible.

12.3. Guests shall be charged for all damage to items, whether it was made intentionally or unintentionally.

12.4. Please use energy rationally.

12.5. In case of the loss of keys, the guest shall immediately contact the apartment manager, +385 (98) 525 909, info@linodeluxe.com.

12.6. Guests shall leave apartments and rooms clean before check-out and take out the garbage, and put it in the provided green trash cans in front of the building.

12.7. During their stay guests shall adhere to the House Rules, which stipulates that loud music and parties are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

12.8. Violations of the House Rules may result in a police report being filed by tenants, as well as loss of the rent paid in the event of damage.


12.10. We highly appreciate your cooperation and hope that you understand that all these rules are obligatory, given that LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment is located in residential building, and that afternoon and night rest of other tenants must be respected.



It is in our best interest to keep the guests satisfied and immediately resolve any complaints at the location. If the situation does not improve after a complaint, the guest shall ask for a confirmation stating that the service was not provided, or that it was not provided in the agreed upon manner. The guest shall attach the confirmation to a written complaint. The guest shall file a written complaint within 8 days from the end of the trip. If a guest files a written complaint outside of this period, LinoDeLuxe shall not be obliged to take the compliant into consideration. LinoDeLuxe is required to provide a written response to such a complaint. LinoDeLuxe shall respond only to complaints that could not be resolved on the spot. During the process of decision making, the guest irrevocably waives the right to mediation by a third party, arbitration by any institution as well as the right of giving information to the media. Additionally, the guest waives the right to file a civil action. The maximum amount of compensation per complaint may reach the amount of the advertised part of services, and it shall not include the service which has been used or the entire amount of the arrangement. The guest and LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment shall attempt to resolve disputes amicably, but failing to do so, the parties agree to jurisdiction of the County Court in Zagreb. Governing law is Croatian law.


14. RESPONSIBILITIES OF LinoDeLuxe Luxury Apartment

LinoDeLuxe shall take care of performance of services, as well as the selection of service providers, with due diligence of a prudent businessman. LinoDeLuxe shall also care about rights and interests of guests, in accordance with good practices in tourism. LinoDeLuxe shall provide all contractual services of a particular arrangement to the guest and give reasons for any failure to provide services or a part of services. All of the above mentioned obligations from programmes shall be performed fully and in a described manner, except in case of force majeure, adverse weather conditions or changing circumstances. If possible, in such cases LinoDeLuxe shall offer a replacement solution. LinoDeLuxe is not required to provide services outside of these Terms and Conditions.

LinoDeLuxe shall not be responsible for loss of valuables and personal belongings of guests.




Guests shall make sure that they personally meet all requirements set out by regulations of the Republic of Croatia and adhere to the House Rules of LinoDeLuxe. Guests shall be held responsible for damage caused. The cost of damage caused shall be borne by the guest at the apartment. The loss of key shall be charged 5 EUR.



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LinoDeLuxe shall retain any personal data you provide during the use of our website or when making a reservation via other online booking systems. Personal information may include your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and e-mail address. In order to prevent unauthorized access, we perform physical, electronic and organizational procedures, thus protecting personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, modification and unauthorized disclosure or access. LinoDeLuxe uses personal information and other data collected on the website in order to: (a) provide requested products and services (mostly for the purpose of processing your reservation) and, (b) provide information about our products and services. LinoDeLuxe do not share your personal information with third parties. Sharing certain personal information with selected partners, when necessary, shall not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.


MANEX d.o.o. is a private limited liability company, registered in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia. Its seat is at the address Maksimirska 94, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. It is registered at the Commercial Court under the registration number: . Company’s PIN (OIB) is 66483616346. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us via e-mail to: info@linodeluxe.com.